How to Help Someone That Has a Hoarding Issue

Do you happen to know someone who happens to love hoarding different kinds of stuff? People who suffer from this condition need immediate help. Some of them are not aware that they are putting themselves and their loved ones in grave danger until it reaches a point where family members move out because they can no longer bear living with the person.

Hoarders are usually aware of their situation, but most of them do not do anything to change their living conditions. Some of them would even get extremely upset if you try to offer help. However, if you genuinely care about them, you should not give up and continue showing that you would like to turn their life around. Companies offering a Baltimore junk removal service can help in cleaning up their space in a short time. Here are some helpful tips on how to help someone get over their hoarding situation.

Do not remove anything inside their home

Sometimes you might think that the quick solution to this hoarding problem is by immediately removing things inside the house. The action will only aggravate the situation causing the person to get more angry and anxious. You might end up not speaking to each other, which is a bad thing. Before removing items or touching anything, you need to take things one step at a time, and that includes addressing the root cause of the problem.

Avoid tempting the person

Since hoarding is considered as a form of addiction, you need to help the person by staying away from things or situations that might trigger them to shop. Never invite a hoarder to go shopping or even pass by yard sales. Stop giving away material gifts or possessions and never offer to keep some of their belongings because it is one way of tolerating bad behavior, which can gradually worsen over time. If you happen to share a house with a hoarder, you should learn to stand your ground and learn to set boundaries because if not, their things will eventually take over your entire living space.

Observe and learn to understand

You will not know how it feels to be a hoarder unless you become one. The best thing that you can do is to have an understanding of the situation. Look into the person’s living conditions and find out the reasons behind their desire to hoard things. Most of them are feeling lonely and depressed for a long time. They resort to hoarding to fill the void in their lives. You can also take some time reading a couple of articles associated with clutter and hoarding, and you will realize that there is a deeper reason for the behavior.

Lastly, if the person reaches out to you, do not turn your back on them. Offer any help that you can provide. Whether it’s sorting out their stuff, donating it to others, or looking for a therapist, you should do things that show how much you would like them to change.


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