Tips on How to Mix Modern and Vintage Furniture

There was once a time when blending new furniture with some classic antique items was unheard of, yet the trend today is for a balance of antique or vintage furnishings, which really does add some character in the form of rich colours and luxurious textures. Of course, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to mixing vintage furniture with modern items, but you do need to decide whether a modern or vintage look is the base design.

Adding Select Vintage Items to a Modern Setting

A modern study or drawing room is the ideal setting for a couple of vintage chairs, and with the best vintage furniture in Sydney available from an established antique dealer, you can browse their extensive catalogue online. A pair of Windsor chairs would sit nicely with a modern desk, and you could add a vintage map with a stylish frame, or perhaps a couple of vintage table lamps, and by choosing upholstery colours that contrast nicely with the walls, the room has some balance. A vintage dresser can be utilised in the living room, it could be the ideal placement for your TV, and with a rich mahogany or walnut finish, such a piece would make for a good main feature.

Brass & Polished Wood

These finishes blend together perfectly, and with online antique dealers that have extensive catalogues of fine vintage and antique brassware, and this means you can browse from the comfort of your sitting room. Once you have chosen an item, a secure online payment will see the piece packaged and delivered to your door, and in the event you can’t find what you’re looking for, the online dealer would have an extensive network of reliable sources, and can probably locate what you want in a short time.

Experimenting with Textures

Merging antiques with modern furniture allows you to introduce a range of textures, with leather, polished timber and upholstery that can work well with more contemporary items. Velvet and suede add a touch of sophistication to any setting, while also adding splashes of rich colour to a neutral room, and if you would like some inspiration about textures, the Internet is full of fine examples of how texture can be used with interior design.

Vintage Wall Art

Another way to bring in some style and elegance is to use vintage or antique wall art, which will also break up those large expanses of bare wall, and with online suppliers of prints, it isn’t difficult to view a wide selection of attractive wall art. Another idea is to add a couple of antique oil paintings with very elaborately carved frames, and they would sit nicely in a modern setting, as would an old map set in a thick ornate frame.

Start with the base design and gradually add vintage items to create a unique feel, with perhaps some antique lighting in the form of a chandelier, or a pair of floor lamps, and with a neutral colour combination of browns and beiges coming from the various wood finishes, the room will have some real character.

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